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 It's time to join a collective of leaders where wisdom, power and wealth is shared because our time is now. 

Long ago, on the ancient isle of Crete, visionary matriarchs sculpted a society of shared power and mutual respect. Their enchanting legacy of feminine leadership echoes through time, embodied in Divine Feminine Leader. As we enter the Aquarian Age, women stand at the forefront, ready to lead with unity and strength. Divine Feminine Leader is a community where compassion reigns over competition, and leadership blooms from connection and collaboration. Together, we pioneer healing methods and unlock boundless potential, forging a path to liberation and collective empowerment. Embrace your higher purpose and embark on a journey of co-creation with Divine Feminine Leader, as we ignite a new era of profound transformation.



Enter a nurturing space where you're valued, understood, and uplifted. We journey together to heal our shared shadows, elevating our consciousness and making a meaningful impact within our community. It's a journey of discovery and empowerment, where you'll unlock your innate strength and embrace your extraordinary potential.

  • Rise above engrained competitive dynamics and foster authentic sisterhood in leadership, coaching, and corporate spheres.
  • ​Create a safe, soft and sexy​ space where we can integrate our visions, nurture our growth, and implement our magic to yield the abundance and impact we can hold.
  • Challenge masculine forms of business, leadership, societal expectations and embrace feminine wisdom, harness soulful strategies and build a conscious empire that uplifts without depleting our spirits.


The Collective64

*For Women playing by new rules and enjoying the game

The Divine Feminine Leader Club is a community and co-created learning hub for women to step into their next level of feminine leadership.  We are committed to create win-win solutions and bring back the balance of masculine + feminine energy in our companies, lives, and families. 

Through high impact coach co-created courses, monthly live trainings and intensives, and an ongoing community of women with wisdom and appetite to learn, you will not only inspire one another, but you will practice embodying and applying them femme energy principles to your life and business in real time.  

This is a place for women who are ready to commit to themselves and one another, trusting that they will get exactly what they need and more.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
​to take off in space and time together.


What others are saying about us

Women winning is the backbone of why we're here. 

"There are communities and there are "The Communities" of the future. The Ones that women who want it all and are creating, building, earning and collaborating.  Business, empires and resources all of them, anything you could possibly desire and the caliber of woman you are seeking -- the collective does it TOGETHER.  This is the one you need. Thank me later."

Amanda Mintz, ​Founder of AMCM Creative Management, Investor and Speaker

Colleen Schell
FABx Created, 7 Figure Coach, Public Speaking Expert 

Joining Katya's containers has been nothing short of transformative for both my personal and professional life. Since becoming a member, I've witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in clients, a metric that reflects the tangible impact of the mastermind's guidance. The opportunities that unfolded were beyond my expectations. I had the honor of sitting on a panel alongside inspiring women leaders, amplifying my visibility and network. 


Collective64 is a unique community that has impacted me. I've joined many women's networks that have enriched my life and expanded my connections, but Collective64 stands apart. In just one month, I have connected on a spiritual level with this community, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the community is filled with strong, positive, and spiritual women who seek more than just business connections—they aim to create genuine bonds and relationships. Secondly, the founder has curated an exceptional program designed to help women discover their inner power. Through various tools and modalities, we are encouraged to deepen our feminine leadership.

In just a few sessions, I have manifested financial gains, formed a strategically aligned partnership, and made new friends. This experience has energized me to get more involved, apply this knowledge within my community, and much more.

Collective64 combines my passion for spirituality with my business aspirations, all within a network of women I genuinely want to build relationships with. I am excited for every call and, despite my busy schedule, I always make time for this collective because it truly fuels me.

Jennifer Geronimo,
​CEO of Gaingels

I've had such a major glow up in such a short time, you can't make this sh*t up! 

Lila Sullivan
President & CEO of Flourish Plants 

You guys are truly creating something special and I’m so happy I’m a part of it. It’s the first like “entrepreneurs” group I feel at home in!!!




Your Infinity 8

You will be matched with women based on a number of factors including your human design, Gene Keys, proffesional aspirations and overall vision.  Your 8 will meet every month for 90 minutes. Participation is mandatory in your monthly Infinity 8 Download.  You will be provided with a framework for how to lead your group, and roles will be assigned to your leadership.


New Age Leadership

The entire way we do business needs a feminine upgrade.  You will receive a set of core trainings within your Collective64 membership that will allow us to be leading from the same principles, as well as uploading regular case studies on how women are partnering, creating, leading and manifesting their life vision. 


The Collective64

Each women called to this container is special, and meant to be here.  Everyone that joins, feels a full body sensation that they are meant to be here.  Together our intention is to create a safe, vulnerable, sexy, inspiring container which will leave online in our members portal, in the quantum 5D field and in person through our members experiences.  


Wealth Frameworks

We see an opportunity to help women learn how to benefit from the powerful networks, relationships and expertise they have.  Join us as we unlock the path to collective wealth cultivation through collaborative synergy, strategic referrals, and the artful creation of new business streams, all crafted to elevate you to new heights of success, together.


Sound Alchemy

Each month we will come together for a virtual sound healing to drop you into a Delta state and release and manifest as you let the high alchemy Crystal bowls work their magic.  This monthly experience will connect us as a community as you let the sound elevate your vibration and delight you.,  


Voice Transmissions

We believe in the power of audio to support your day to day journey, and you will receive channeled voice notes from the founders, and other Collective64 participants called to infuse their stories, breakthroughs and bliss with the container.   Expect to get real, let the masks down, and show up your fullest self in all if it's glory.

This COLLECTIVE is For...

Rule breakers. Visionaries. Disruptors. Dreamers.

Bold women unite -- this is more than a network, it's a field of energy to ignite, support and delight you.  It's an opportunity for relationships you can have for a lifetime, soul sisters, business partners and more. It's what you've been waiting for. 




Once upon a time, I ran a successful startup called HeyMama.  As a single mom, I tapped into my immigrant work ethic and visionary boss vibe to create a massive impact for mothers in business. The community reached hundreds of thousands of women who felt seen, understood and elevated through our platform, events and membership across 50+ states nationwide, largely possible from a $3 million fundraise.

Then I became a version of myself I didn't like. I was relentless in my pursuit of not letting my ego shatter, because deep down I was so overwhelmed, so overworked and addicted to the dopamine rush so commonly acceptable in #startuplife.  

I felt my cells cry, my heart close up, and my femininity wash away as the masculine took over, attracting the wrong man, challenging employees, and an overall feeling of deep inner shame.  I was not the woman I envisioned, nor did my life look like what I thought it would become... far from it.   

Now my mission is to help women change the world through their leadership while staying connected to the divine guidance within them, so that they can cultivate immense freedom, bliss and impact. 

  • I built the largest private network in the country for moms in business, and now we are building a movement for Divine Feminine Leaders.
  • Why you should trust me: I've raised over $3 million for my startup, inspired hundreds of thousands of women through my platforms and have been recognized as one of the top voices for women in business.
  • ​How this will help youThis is a breakthrough program for women looking to create a new paradigm of how they build, lead and love.

The Divine Feminine Leader Club is your home to...

  • Learn & Expand: You never stop growing, and aim to be a highly sought after leader in your craft.
  • ​Be In A Current Of Inspiration: Through our courses, weekly practices, and voice transmissions, you will be able to tap into this flow to bring your best self forward.  
  • ​Build New Relationships: The women drawn to this program are magnetic, powerful and heart-led, which makes them exactly the type of women you want in your corner of the universe. 
  • ​Stay In Your Feminine (In A Masculine World): You see the feminine rising and want to embody these principles to create ease, flow and abundance in your life.


you're in the right place.

  • ​She is Aware: She realized she inherited some serious BS from a combo of family, upbringing, society, the patriarchy, shall we go on?
  • She Is Wise:  She trusts herself, her inner compass and vision for the world. 
  • She is Blissful: She can access her joy and bliss but needs the right container to leap.
  • ​She Is Growing Fast:  Embracing challenges, she shapes her reality with new beliefs.
  • She Builds Community: Supporting other women is how she rolls.

Get to know some of the remarkable women



Olivia Steele

2x Founder (1x Exited of Conversation Couture) , Co-Founder of Divine Feminine Leader 


Amy Jackson

TaleSplash PR
Founder, Formerly Executive at SAP America 


Grace Ann Bennett

Founder | Master Brand Strategist | Investor/Advisor Venture Fund 


Cloe Luv

Founder of Cloe Luv, C3 Global Impact, Women With Voices 501c3


Nicole Rose Stillings

TedX Speaker, HBO Max

Exec Coach, Reiki Master, Medium, Entrepreneur


Carrie Montgomery

​Transformational Leadership Coach, Nervous System Educator, Neurosomatic Coach


Katya Stepanov

Chief Experience Officer, Divine Feminine Leader, DJ, Founder of The Inheritance Project, Poet & Experience Architect


Asha Rani

Periodontist, Reiki Practitioner, Author & Speaker


 A Private Facilitated + Aligned Community of Leaders For An Entire Year (8/22/24 - 8/21/25)

$3,000 Value

  Your Infinity8 Mastermind (Hand-picked by Gene Keys, Human Design and Purpose) Meeting Monthly for 90 Minutes for An Entire Year

$5,000 Value

The 13 Principles of Divine Feminine Leadership - Monthly Training Live (60 Minutes) + Full Course Content in Sutra 

$5,000 Value

 Bonus Trainings with our Oracles + Guest Coaches who are experts in their field on a varity of topics from manifestation, quantum energy healing, business negotiation, scaling your social, chinese face reading, tantra and more (we curate the best for you!) 

$4,000 Value

 Kundalini Kriya Practices as a Collective with Daily Accountability on 40 Day Challenges

$400 Value

  Monthly Self-Care Wellness Challenges (Meditations, Pleasure Practices, Dance, Affirmations & More) 

$777 Value

  Vision Vortex Blueprint

$97 Value

 Harnessing Your Feminine Energy Course

$997 Value

 Quarterly In Person Freedom Inducing Experiences (additional fees apply) and invitations
​to Divine Feminine Leader Socials 


Invitation To Divine Feminine Leader Retreats


TOTAL VALUE: $20,000+

August Collective64 Cohort
Now $4444 For A Limited Time

Each Collective only has 64 women - connected and empowered to serve, recieve & expand together.  Now taking applications for Aug 22ND Collective.  If you are approvd (please proceed to pay below) 

​Co-Founder Katya Libin Has Been seen on....



The courses we wished we learned in business school, co-designed by experts for women to shift and transform their lives.  Together we'll be decoding the intricacies of the way we've been wired and unlocking your innate feminine superpowers.

The 13 Principles of 
​divine feminine Leadership

In the dance of life, women are weaving a tapestry of transformation, infusing our ways of living, working, and leading with the essence of the divine feminine. Guided by the rhythm of our hearts, we journey inward, embracing authenticity as the cornerstone of trust and forging soulful connections within teams and communities. Together we will honor the sacred whispers of intuition, recognizing its divine guidance as we navigate the winding paths of decision-making. 

Women in the embrace of the divine feminine weave a sacred web that cradles the well-being of all, nurturing outcomes that echo the harmony of the cosmos. We will learn to harmonize with the divine masculine, blending its strength and clarity with the nurturing embrace and intuitive wisdom of the feminine.  We have an opportunity to invoke a vision of leadership that is both sacred and inclusive, celebrating the divine spark within every soul and illuminating the path towards a world suffused with love, balance, and reverence for all beings.

Sensuality As Your Superpower 

In this course you will leern the inherent power and wisdom of your sensual selves. This course is an immersive experience that delves deep into the realms of sensuality, guiding individuals to tap into their innate ability to experience and express pleasure, joy, and vitality in every aspect of their lives. Through a blend of practices drawn from embodiment work, mindfulness, and sacred sexuality, participants will cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies, awakening their senses and expanding their capacity for pleasure and presence.  And yes, the art of being is one of the most overlooked approaches to cultivating the abundance we seek, in a feminine way.

Wired To Win: Learn how to channel your feminine superpowers

In this course, you'll learn how to master your innate feminine power, understand when your energy is disregulated, and find authentic forms of expression to invigorate your life and business.

Vision Vortex

The Vision Vortex framework empowers feminine leaders to cultivate a vivid blueprint for their life's vision. By harnessing its principles, leaders delve into the depths of their aspirations, weaving together threads of passion, purpose, and intuition. This framework serves as a dynamic compass, guiding feminine leaders towards the realization of their deepest desires and as a north store for your year.​

Guest Workshops & Coaches

Our Collective includes wise, powerful leaders who are here to share their gifts and knowledge with the Collective. Members are invited to join in on ceremonies, facilitate circles, and work on custom masterclasses within the Collective across spirituality, leadership, feminine business and human design/gene keys.

Conscious leadership bootcamp

You may be running a team, an organization or just yourself and your family, but the key to success is self leadership. When you master that, you can feel grounded in your approach, choices and impact.

Kundalini Kriyas

Experience the power of Kundalini as we embark on practicing Kriyas together that will change your life, abundance and connection to the universe.



Cloe Luv


Caitlin Iseler


Tara and Lisa




  • Entrepreneurs:  Women building their dream business and understand the important of mindset, community and personal investment to grow to the next level 
  • ​Leaders: Women running teams, organizations or communities. Women who are in management and want new tools to shift their culture, talent and potential.
  • Doctors & Healthcare Professionals:  Women who are on the forefront of caring and nurturing others, and who desire holistic approaches to spiritual well being
  • Coaches & Consultants: Women seeking to stay inspired, serving at their best frequency, expanding their networks & relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this works for me?

If you're a women in leadership, entrepreneurship or wellness, and want a fresh approach to feminine business, this program may work for you.  You will get the greatest results by putting in your attention, and intention.  If you have been too spiritual for some of your spaces, or are curious to bring in these practices into your life, we got you.  

 Can I attend virtually?

Yes, the monthly calls are virtual (3x per month) and then quarterly we will invite our members to Socials -- fun, enriching experiences they can join, and retreats.

 Can I add a team member as well?

Membership is on an individual basis.  We appreciate your respect of our guidelines.

When does this start?

The program has a rolling entry until the 64 are complete.  Then we will close doors and open up the interview process for our next Collective, planned for August/September launch.

What timezone are the calls?

The calls are set up on ET time. 

Do you accept refund requests?

Refunds are not available at this time. All sales are final and we invite you to consider everything before being a fully body yes!